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Faculty Services

Im here to support faculty just as much as to support graduate students. Faculty struggle to make time for writing around all their other pressing deadline-attached obligations. Maybe there's been a serious snag in the paper and you don't know how to get unstuck. Maybe what you thought was a perfectly good paper got a desk rejection, or a rejection that just doesn't seem right to you, and you're left wondering where to go from here. Maybe you just need accountability in your writing, someone who on a weekly basis wants to know what kind of progress you've made - and who can give you tips to keep your productivity high even under the stress of a full teaching load or the emptiness of a sabbatical. Maybe you're working on a book, but your editor isn't giving you a lot of guidance or you feel like you want more support. These are all reasons to consult with a coach.

The services I offer are similar in type to those offered grad students but different in delivery style, tailored to the needs of the working professional. Faculty services are available pre-bundled, and also as personally tailored packages to meet your needs.

Pricing below is effective for editing packages booked after 1 March 2019. For professional and personal reasons (we're moving), I am unable to accept editing jobs in April and May. I am happy to refer you to other editors if you are interested. As always, please contact me at leanne@leannecpowner.com for a personalized quote or referral.

Academic Coaching

Coaching at this level often focuses on time and project management. How do you maximize the effectiveness of limited research time, while still allowing time for teaching, administrative responsibilities, and work-life balance? Coaching is a practical, hands-on and interactive process by which we discover and address inefficiencies in your work routines and develop more efficient approaches. Typically offered only on a semester basis since this is about ongoing and iterative process development ($275). Half-semester cases can be considered.


This category of services focuses on completed or nearly-completed manuscripts (article or book). It involves a close read and edit of the material, either at the level of copyediting ($3-4 per double-spaced manuscript page) or scholarly editing including reviewing content ($7-8 per double-spaced manuscript page). Content review includes some elements normally classified under developmental editing, such as looking for weaknesses in the argument and its development and reviewing research design choices.

Developmental Editing Packages

For authors at the very beginning of a book project. I'll walk you through developing your book outline and proposal and coach you through the writing process with as-needed video meetings. Includes unlimited document reviews with feedback (excludes page proofs). $9 per double-spaced manuscript page, minimum 200 page manuscript (average Political Science book manuscript is 200-250 manuscript pages). I take on no more than 2 developmental projects at a time, so email first to see if I'm available.

Accountability and Project Progression

Need an accountability buddy? This affordable option gives you a financial incentive to commit to meeting your weekly research goals. Each week, well meet for up to half an hour to set goals for research and check in on the prior weeks goals. As needed, Ill offer advice on goal setting and to do list management. Try a month for $45 or a 16-week term for $150.

Research Coaching and Project Development

Tap my research design and project expertise with this category of services. From research design to sampling to statistical tests to write-up, I can help you turn out a better finished product. While my expertise is in international affairs, I can consult equally well in comparative and American politics. This includes some services that fall under the category of developmental editing, such as helping to identify additional implications and tests for arguments. Priced a la carte at $25 per hour of meeting, or $100 for 5 hrs.


If you're interested in my services, please drop me an email at Leanne@Leannecpowner.com with a brief description of your project and/or needs, and we'll take it from there to set up an initial conversation about working together. The first consultation is free and will help us decide whether we make a good team.

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