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Editing Services

Developmental editing is a process by which an editor gives feedback on a text regarding argument, structure, evidence, voice, and sometimes other related issues such as audience choice and consistency. If you are a political scientist or in a closely related field, my comments may touch on issues of substance, particularly as they affect issues of research design or relevant literature(s). I have revised my policies so that I am only accepting developmental editing for complete or nearly complete manuscripts, rather than early-stage unwritten manuscripts. In addition, effective Winter 2022, Faculty Academic Coaching slots cannot be used for book writing support. Please select the Book Developmental Workshop if you need ongoing assistance in the preparation of your manuscript. If you are interested in developmental editing services or other editing services as outlined below, please contact me at Leanne@LeanneCPowner.com as soon as possible. Slots fill quickly.

Traditional Developmental Editing Package - $2000

In the traditional developmental editing package, you send me a complete or virtually-complete (i.e., missing some cites, perhaps an incomplete conclusion pending my feedback) manuscript. I then read the manuscript and produce an editorial letter with my feedback. This approach provides very little in-text feedback - perhaps only a dozen or so places where I have something to indicate or ask - and focuses on larger, section-chapter-and-manuscript issues related to audience, argument, evidence, and voice. Editorial letters are usually around 5-7 pages single spaced but may be longer at my discretion, based on what I have to comment on. Because the time committment is typically about 20 hrs on my end, turnaround time is normally 30 days from receipt. One optional hourlong consult is included to discuss recommendations and options.

Enhanced Developmental Editing - $3000

Enhanced Developmental Editing is all of the above plus a second briefer review and feedback memo when revisions are completed, along with up to three total meetings to discuss revisions. In-text comments may become more numerous.

Supported Developmental Editing - $4000

This package consists of the enhanced package plus two four-month terms of coaching to support the revision process. This may include on-screen collaborative reviews of brief passages or outlines.

Other Editing Services

To protect my mental health and avoid burnout, the services below are limited to article- or chapter-length projects. I am no longer available to copyedit or proofread dissertations or theses in their entirety or in parts, unless those parts are being sent out as articles and are in article form.

Substantive Editing - $10 per double-spacced manuscript page

This is a combination of copyediting and reviewing. I put on my highly-trained-politica-scientist hat and go through your paper with a fine tooth comb, looking at everything from sentence structure to test statistics or other evidence presentation. The overall feedback is not as extensive as the developmental edit - I won't normally suggest making structural changes, for example - but you'll get a lot more in-line editing and in-text comments. Requires at least 2 weeks turnaround time, depending on the advance notice I have to clear space for the project.

Copyediting - $5 per double-spaced manuscript page

Copyediting is a more intense form of proofreading. Proofreading does a surface skim for errors; copyediting makes a proactive effort to improve the flow of text as well as addressing more common surface issues such as punctuation and consistency. I will not rewrite your paper for you, but I will revise sentences as needed to make them clearer and to address any lingering minor issues of word choice and order such as may come from writing in your second (or third or...) langauge. Persistent or repetitive issues will be addressed in their first few instances so that you can learn from revising remaining instances. Typically requires 1-2 weeks turnaround time, depending on the advance notice I have to clear space for the project.

Other Editing

If you are interested in editing for other purposes - copyediting of an edited volume or other tasks - please contact me well in advance at Leanne@LeanneCPowner.com to discuss your needs and get a quote. Generally, I need at least a month of lead time on medium projects and longer for large projects to clear the queue and make room for you.

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