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Student Testimonials

“I would not have finished my dissertation without Leanne! During the last semester of my program, I was woefully behind on my dissertation, having only finished two of six chapters. During our initial meetings, she helped me organize a timeline and develop an outline to finish the four remaining chapters. Through our weekly conversations, she made sure that I made my weekly (and even daily) writing goals and helped me with any parts of the project I would get stuck on. She also taught me how to structure my day to ensure I was most productive with my time, including setting doable and measurable writing goals. I ended up finishing my dissertation with time to spare and produced a product that both myself and my committee were truly proud of! I would highly recommend Leanne for anyone having trouble finishing that big writing project.” - Meredith Blank, PhD, University of Michigan 2017

"Because sometimes you don't only need someone to hold you accountable but someone that tells you how *&^*&(& your expectations are. Lower the expectations and you actually get more stuff done. That, and helping me find the quickest path to finishing the dissertation without getting constantly distracted. Leanne .... had constantly tips and tricks to help me overcome those hurdles that keep showing up when nobody needs them." - Jen Kartner, PhD, Arizona State University, 2018

“From consistent follow-ups and helpful tips to quality feedback and direction, Leanne is able to help Ph.D. candidates focus on their writing in a productive manner. During our time together, I experience some health and wellness concerns. However, it was comforting to have Leanne be so flexible, accommodating and reasonable!” - Caryl Nuñez, University of Connecticut

Faculty Testimonials:

“When I became an Associate Professor, I wanted new strategies to organize my time. Leanne was the ideal resource. Leanne is extremely knowledgeable about work habits and about our profession. She offers clear yet flexible approaches to making the most of your time. She’s a great diagnostician when your time management goes off course and you’re not entirely sure why. I enthusiastically recommend her to political scientists and policy scholars of all ranks: graduate students, assistant professors, and tenured faculty.” – Laura Evans, University of Washington

"I am a successful academic and consider myself to have fairly good work habits, but faced with a demanding administrative position and a reduced teaching load, it was helpful to work with Leanne to structure my time. She helped me to identify ways to plan my days, weeks, months, and semesters more effectively, and our weekly meetings helped to hold me to account for my planning process. I can strongly endorse her services for those in established academic positions." - Veronica Kitchen, University of Waterloo

“Working with Leanne in the summer of 2017 made all the difference. Summers are usually a low productivity time period for me, but Leanne helped me set realistic goals and a plan to achieve them, given my time constraints. I made significant progress on a journal article over the summer, started two other projects, and set up a realistic plan for having a productive sabbatical year. Leanne gives concrete suggestions for structuring your time to make the most out of it and a framework for thinking about goals. And having someone hold you accountable for those goals is invaluable.” – Michelle Allendoerfer, George Washington University

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