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Writer's Bootcamp

Welcome to Writer's Bootcamp!

Welcome to Writer's Bootcamp! Bootcamp is a fun but intense dedicated day of writing in a structured, supportive, community environment. Think of it as an at-home writing retreat with online facilitation. We work using the Pomodoro technique of 25 minute writing blocks followed by 5 minute breaks, with some longer breaks after every few Poms. Each Pom, you'll set a goal, and then you'll report back during the break on your progress.

Each Bootcamp runs from 9 AM Eastern to 3 PM Eastern on a Saturday or Sunday, with time for snacks and lunch built in. (Don't worry, lunchtime is flexible so you can eat during your own time zone's lunch.) If you're on the west coast, you're welcome to join us a little later. Before each Bootcamp, you'll get preparation instructions by email so that you can maximize your productivity during our work time. You'll also have the opportunity to conference with me during the event if your writing gets stuck. Bootcamp is open to faculty writers and postdocs, as well as dissertators.

Upcoming Bootcamps

Saturday, January 19, 2019
Saturday, February 9, 2019 - FREE - register by emailing leanne@leannecpowner.com
SUNDAY, March 10, 2019

Click on a date to go to the registration and payment page. Summer Bootcamps will be announced in April but are likely to be June, July, and August.

The cost for each Bootcamp is $25. It's a committment fee: you paid it, so now you're going to show up and take advantage of it. Your fee gets you pre-event preparation coaching, day-of support, and a one-on-one conference if desired or necessary during the event itself. (Currently enrolled dissertation coaching students or developmental editing clients: Your coaching fee includes Bootcamp participation. Email Leanne directly for participation instructions.)

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