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Welcome to my new web site!

Finally, a complete update of the site! Or, at least, a complete update is in progress. Thanks to Jay Little, I've now got a new template for these pages and I'm slowly updating and reorganizing all the content. We'll be applying the new template to pages as they get revised, meaning that some pages will remain in the old format until they're updated. Please be patient while this process occurs.

Where did [insert document name here] go?

All the documents are moving to places that make sense!! The old system was somewhat arbitrary; it grew by addition, with new stuff just stuck on there whever I could sort-of find a place that it more or less fit. My CV is still immediately accessible from the top button on the left menu. If you already know what you're looking for, you can access any document using the custom search box on the top of each page. The section "Classroom" probably contains most of the documents students (and faculty) seek. The Professional Development section includes my electronic teaching portfolio, (eventually) a couple of article collections on the teaching of research methods and of effective use of active learning in the classroom, and information on the annual Summer Academic Working Groups (new info goes up annually in late March or early April).

Recent Updates:

FAQ: New template and a couple new questions-&-answers on the FAQ
New CV version, January 2017.

Coming Soon: Updates on current research (including the newest project!), a new research paper, and easier-to-navigate resource collections!
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